Top Four Reasons to Choose Alexander Miller & Associates

The creditor companies face lots of hassles in negotiation and legal aspects of debt settlements from the debtors. This case tends to grow in complexity with the aging unsecured debts. The experience of commercial collection agencies plays an important role in converting potential options of debt recovery into positive results. In this aspect Alexander Miller & Associates has the right combination of team power, technology and the combination of negotiation and legal techniques tro effect faster debt recovery from the debtors. The agency is rated among the top 10 for its service scope which covers wide range of corporate, business, trading and industrial establishments. The rate of successful recovery is also growing along with the company growth over the years.

Negotiation vs Legal Means at Alexander Miller & Associates

Many of the creditor companies seem to be of the opinion that legal proceedings are time consuming. So they opt for negotiations with their debtors which may drag on for many years. During such time there could be many changes in the organizational hierarchy of both the companies. Owning to this, the communication links get broken. Hence many such unrecovered debts go unnoticed by the top management, leading to major financial losses. At Alexander Miller & Associates the experts conduct a factual investigation into the debt scenario from the perspective of negotiations as well as legal options in a systematic manner.

  • The system at Alexander Miller & Associates has a timeframe formulation for the negotiations. Within this period the experts use their skills to persuade the debtors for repayment agreement. This is driven by their customer relation policy which has experienced negotiators in the team.
  • Most of the cases have been solved during the initial processes on the negotiation table. Owing to this, Alexander Miller & Associates is preferred by most of the creditors, for they have saved on the unnecessary expenses associated with the legal proceedings.
  • At the same time Alexander Miller & Associates is also aware of the loss of time in negotiations when the debtors are unable or unwilling to repay the debts at all. In such cases the company takes up the legal course just in time. The experts in the agency are aware of the best legal sits which can result in faster and complete debt recovery.
  • Dealing with huge sums of unrecovered debts through legal means can also pose challenges. If the debtor company declares insolvency, even the court of law will not be able to force them into repayment. In such cases the experts at Alexander Miller & Associates can adopt an approach which proves to be beneficial for the creditors who are fighting a legal battle with their debtors. This involves legal as well as logical methods which the agency follows. This may involve parallel negations with the debtors while the legal proceedings are happening. The debtors may be made to see the logical benefits of repayment rather than choosing drastic options like declaring insolvency to save their credit rating and social status in the long run.