What is the best laptop?

I do not like it, although I bought a Dell inspiron laptop computer several days ago. Because I have always heard that they are the best I went with Dell, but it is really slow to load-up. Very tough to down load on my plans to. So when you get it loaded it up is still really slow to get something going. I primarily use to get on the internet and it for my school work. About downloading a couple of games just for fun, I thought, but gaming is not my primary goal for it. I am only looking to invest about $1000. What is the best lap top for me personally to buy? I am going to consider this Dell back and get something else. Anyone have any ideas.

Unfortunately, there’s no “greatest” lap-top. The parts they pick from are made in the same companies. Both AMD or Intel makes the processors. The graphics chips are either AMD/ATI Intel, or nVidia. The RAM is going to be made by one of a quantity of organizations that are particular. Same with the wireless, dvd-drive, screen, etc.

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It is probably mo-Re a pc software concern along with your dell, or you decided on a bad configuration (a slower product).

Also don’t go for the Mac Book comments. No brand will probably be ‘faster’ than anther. Macbook is perhaps not verified to to perform Vista faster than other brands (but it will run Vista faster than it really is own OS, Mac, in certain tests). Macs have the same parts in them as other brands of computers, however they cost 3x mo Re on common.


I recently changed to mac the device works better, better tech support 1000 times better from dell, significantly much less danger of getting viruses. If you want a computer that may last mo-Re than 2 years get mac, it’s mo Re expensive but it is possible to get a student discount, if you go to the retailer the same day, and also you will take the computer house

There is certainly probably something wrong with the lap-top they gave you.
I have a Dell Inspiron e1705, and I ‘m very happy by it. Its extremely fast and operates excellent.
I would take yours straight back and ask to get a trade, because there is certainly a chance there’s just something wrong using the one they gave you.

If I may give my preference of the finest and best laptops 2017, it’s definitely MACBOOKPRO, it’s a highend lap top with excellent graphic card, one of the newest process or, freaking fast. It’s around $1900